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Meet Adrian

Adrian Pokharel “Adrina4Congress” for Virginia’s 10th District: “Leadership, Unity, Prosperity” A Visionary Leader, a dedicated public servant running for election to the U.S. House to represent Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. Championing Unity, Empowerment, and Prosperity for All.

Adrian Pokharel stands as a beacon of dedicated service and dynamic leadership, uniquely qualified to represent Virginia’s Tenth Congressional District. With over 30 years of rich and varied experience, Adrian’s journey from the disciplined realms of the military and intelligence agencies to the diverse sectors of the private industry positions him as an unparalleled candidate in this race.
If you’re yearning for a fresh perspective and a new direction, someone who will be the vanguard for our district and echo your voice in the capital, your search ends here. I am Adrian Pokharel, dedicated to catalyzing that change. With a history of unwavering commitment to all Americans, I bring a rich tapestry of experience and expertise. My service as a disabled veteran, former NSA, and CIA officer, coupled with a broad background in the corporate sector, law enforcement, and counterintelligence, equips me uniquely for this role. As a small business owner, student, and a person of color with disabilities, I resonate deeply with the diverse needs and strengths of our community.

My motivation is not monetary gain or fame, but the noble mission to serve you, the people. I’ve consciously chosen to step away from my accomplishments and career to concentrate on ensuring that “You” have a leader who stands with “You”. I am committed to not just acknowledging our diversity but celebrating it and leveraging it as our collective strength, setting District 10 as a beacon for all.

I invite you to join me on this journey. With your trust and support, I pledge to never let you down. I am a proud American soldier and a patriot, and now I stand ready to serve you in a new capacity. Together, let’s chart a course towards progress and unity.

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Distinguished Government Service:

Adrian’s tenure in high-stakes environments like the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) equips him with an unrivaled understanding of national and global security. His insights into the intricacies of intelligence and defense are crucial at a time when national security is of paramount importance. His career experience includes working as an intelligence officer.

Private Sector Acumen:

Adrian’s 15-year journey through industries like airlines, law enforcement, and railways has honed his business insights and understanding of economic challenges. This diverse corporate experience is vital in driving economic growth and job creation in the district.

Multicultural Insight and Linguistic Skills:

Fluent in multiple languages and with a background that bridges cultures, Adrian embodies inclusivity and global understanding. This cultural fluency is crucial in a diverse district like Virginia’s Tenth, ensuring representation that resonates with every community.

‘U’ Matter Philosophy:

At the heart of Adrian’s campaign is the ‘U’ Matter philosophy, emphasizing mental health, community unity, and individual empowerment. This approach reflects a deep commitment to the wellbeing of every constituent, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued.

Military Valor and Leadership:

Spanning two decades, Adrian’s military service across active duty, the National Guard, and reserves exemplifies his unwavering commitment to the nation. This background imbues him with a profound sense of duty and strategic leadership, invaluable in shaping defense and veterans’ policies.

Academic Prowess:

As a Ph.D. candidate, Adrian’s dedication to knowledge and critical analysis of complex issues sets a foundation for informed, evidence-based policymaking. His academic endeavors reflect a commitment to lifelong learning and understanding of both global and domestic matters.

Advocate for Disability and Veterans’ Rights:

As a disabled veteran, Adrian not only advocates for disability rights and veterans’ issues but also brings a deeply personal understanding to these causes. His experiences lend authenticity and fervor to his advocacy.

Global and Local Perspectives:

Adrian’s journey from Nepal to the United States, coupled with his professional versatility, provides him with a unique vantage point on both global and local issues. This broad perspective allows him to effectively connect with and represent the diverse voices within the district.

In Adrian Pokharel, the voters of Virginia’s Tenth Congressional District have a candidate whose life and career encapsulate the ideals of service, leadership, and community. His diverse experiences, coupled with a steadfast commitment to the people, make him an exceptional choice for Congress. Adrian stands ready to champion the district’s needs, promising a future of growth, security, and unity.

Early Voting starts on May 3, 2024

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